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Daniel Maltzman

High-end exclusive hand-painted art

Fine Art Bay encompasses 2,000 Items and includes framed art and gicleés, as well as decorative mirrors, oil paintings, wall sculptures, wrought iron, shadow boxes, and outdoor art. Zinat Gallery is also proud to showcase The Studio Collection which includes high-end exclusive hand-painted art, along with lamps and accessories.

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Glass and acrylic furnishings

If you’re going for an interior style that is light and airy, sometimes the best-looking furniture is the kind you can barely see. Interior designers often turn to glass and acrylic furnishings in smaller rooms because their transparent lines prevent the interruption of the eye, causing it to perceive a less cluttered space. If you see some see-through furniture in your future, check out our gallery that will give your home a clear advantage.

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Opening Reception for Danny Maltzman

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